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mahstars's Journal

Bunnie Rabbot (SatAM)
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Character name: Bunnie Rabbot
Character source: SatAM
Point at which taken from source: Post Doomsday Project

Personality: Sweet, energetic, determined, Bunnie is easily everyone's best friend. Well, if you're a Freedom Fighter, anyway. She's very spunky and gung ho over the safety of her friends, which enlarges into the fact that she suffered the most out of them. Not that she lets this bring her down, taking her 'handicap' and turning it into a strength. She's extremely optimistic and has a big heart, tending to give those close to her affectionate nick names, like 'sugah hog' and 'Sally girl'.
Items: Bunnie has no items on her.
History: Bunnie's history was very similar to most of the quiet creatures on Mobius. She lived among many, as rabbits tended to have multiple children, and lived happily until Dr. Robotnik began his tyrannic rule over everyone. Her family was roboticized, and somehow she managed to escape, barely, from being captured herself. Running off on her own soon lead her to meeting Sonic and Sally, and she lived with them for a time under Rosie's watchful eye, until another attack caused them to separate.

Years had passed. Growing up in war ridden times, Bunnie began to practice ways of defending herself. Martial arts, any method of fighting interested her. It only worked for so long, however, and she was brought in to be roboticized. As luck would have it, Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor, a walrus who had joined a resistant group with the blue hero known as the 'Freedom Fighters' managed to find her in time and prevented her from becoming completely roboticized.

The war raged on for ten years, and it wasn't until Bunnie was 18 did Sonic and Sally succeed in destroying Robotnik's Doomsday project. All was calm, and peace had been restored.. for the moment, anyway.

This is a roleplaying journal for station_square by sunflowerraven.
Bunnie Rabbot belongs to DIC.