Well, if it was one's birthday, it has to be them all, right?

Sugar hog.. y'all still here? Just wondering, since I haven't heard from Ant or anything..

[RL] Lost, again?
get the hip hop outta here
[Bunnie sighs, walking around the streets somewhat aimlessly as she tries to figure out where to go from here. Someone screams nearby, causing her ears to twitch, and the human yells something about Eggman's robots. The rabbot blinks, shrugs, before continues on her way.]

Huh, wonder what's got her in a huff. Well, not important..

Now.. lesse how I can git back to.. umm.. wherever I was..

what was the name of that truck?
...what the heck?

Where am I?

[ooc: Note: Since I failed the check and had to reapply, I'm going with Bunnie having disappeared randomly and reappeared a few days later in a random part of the city. I'll post a log if someone's interested, but for now she's.. somewhere with no idea how to get back. Anyone know a random spot? lol XD]

Apartments? Now? About ear-flippin' time they decided to get to it! Sheesh, we've only been here for what.. a few months?

Something smells fishy about these guys..

what is this technology you speak of?
Alright, this is enough of this.

Sonic? Sally? Y'all are here somewheres.. right?

I know Ant's here but we gotta start roundin' up and gettin' down with a plan or something.


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